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  • ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE. PLAN YOUR YEAR. STAY MOTIVATED DAILY. The Courageous Life™ Planning System, will help you design your life and achieve great goals with ease and growing momentum. It’s unlike any other goal-setting and time management tool created, designed to help you maximize your life and unleash your potential one day at a time!
  • Stop confusing busyness with progress toward your lifetime and long-term goals.
  • No other planner or organizer packs so much punch for your personal progress. If you’ve used other planners, journals, or organizers, but found them lacking, you’ll love the Courageous Life Planning System™!

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Life Organizer

Don’t waste the time of your life trying to figure out how to make the most of it. Our Legacy Blueprint literally shows you how to organize and plan your life so that your lifetime and long-term goals become reality.

Yearly Planner

Turn your lifetime and long-term goals into reality one year at a time! Our Yearly Planner will help you crush your goals for the next twelve months by keeping you focused on your Life Purpose and Vision.

Daily Journal

What good is mapping out your life, or planning your years, months, and weeks, if you’re not making daily progress? Our Daily Success Journal will help you make every day the best day of your life!

The Problem

Many of us mistake “busyness” for progress.

We become frustrated, thinking that success, progress, and happiness are for other people, but not for us.

The creators of most appointment books, planners, and “organizers” assume that users know how to turn their lifetime and long-term goals into reality.

Many planners don’t provide an all-in-one approach toward turning our lifetime and long-term goals into reality one day at a time.

The Solution

The Courageous Life Planning System™ offers a proven process of life planning and goal achievement. It literally shows you how to discover, refine, and live your Life Purpose and Vision. It shows you how to turn your dreams into reality. It helps you set and achieve lifetime and long-term goals, making progress toward fulfilling them every single day. It will spare you from the “human doing” trap so that you don’t confuse busyness with progress.

BIG TIME FREE BONUSES! The Courageous Life Planning System™ comes with DOZENS OF FREE HOW-TO VIDEOS and a FREE COMPANION APP to help keep you motivated and growing. This planning system will help you reach your potential once and for all. You no longer have to travel the road to your personal transformation alone!

What Others Are Saying

“I love the Courageous Life Planning System! My favorite part is how it helps me set and achieve goals in ALL of the major areas of life. It helps me focus, and is making me far more productive! Rather than another year going by and just spinning my wheels, I know that this will be a year of massive transformation thanks to this Planning System! So thankful that Michael Anthony came out with this!”

— Danny Campisi

“This planning system is so innovative! I love that I now have the ability to leave a great legacy that my children and their children will be inspired by for years to come. God is doing great things through this planning system and I so appreciate Michael Anthony and his team for turning such an amazing idea into something so special!”

— Derrod Boone

“The Courageous Life Planning System is the gold standard of personal planners — because it’s more than a personal planner. It guides you in mapping out the life you want to live so that you’re spending your time on the tasks that advance your purpose and vision. I’ve often felt trapped under the raging waters of too much to do, and Michael’s system is more than just a lifeboat. It’s a luxury liner helping take me to more meaningful destinations.”

– Gary Schneeberger

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Life Organizer

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  • Courageous Life Legacy Blueprint™️
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  • Dozens of FREE How-To Coaching Videos

Yearly Planner

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  • Courageous Life Yearly Planner
  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Get Michael Anthony's 7 Day Revolution™️
  • Dozens of FREE How-To Coaching Videos

Daily Success Journal

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  • Courageous Life Daily Success Journal
  • DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Get Michael Anthony's 7 Day Revolution™️
  • Dozens of FREE How-To Coaching Videos
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Complete Planning System

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  • Courageous Life Legacy Blueprint™️
  • Yearly Planner
  • Daily Success Journal
  • Dozens of How-To Coaching Videos

Created by author, thought-leader, and entrepreneur, Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony is the founder and CEO of Courage Matters, LLC, an organization that helps people move forward and develop courage as their new way of life.

Years of experience in the business world, as an entrepreneur, and as a pastor, fuel Michael’s endeavors to inspire people and organizations to reach their greatest potential.

Michael and his works are regularly featured in major publications and news outlets, including the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, CNN, ABC News, CBS News,, The Christian Post, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use this Planning System if I don’t want to carry around a Journal?

Using an electronic device as a time management tool is one of the least effective things you can do to increase your focus on lifetime and long-term goals. The Courageous Life Planning System is designed to help you think through and prioritize your lifetime and long-term goals so that you are highly mobile, focused, and productive. Using this Planning System acts as a motivational coach and accountability partner, helping ensure that the appointments you put into your smartphone or electronic device actually deserve to be there in the first place. The Planning System will help you use your smartphone more wisely than before so that you truly unleash your potential. 

What is included in the free videos and app?

The Courageous Life Planning System comes with dozens of free motivational how-to videos to ensure you’re on the right track to living as the BEST version of YOU! And, it comes with a free app that provides 2-5 minute how-to videos, and more, to keep you growing and making progress toward living your greatest potential!

How does this Planning System differ from other planners and organizers?

CLARITY. QUALITY. UNITY. These are three words that describe the uniqueness of this Planning System. The Courageous Life Planning System does not assume you know where to start or how to make progress in setting and achieving goals. It’s a powerful, simple to use approach that helps you take lifetime and long-term goals and turn them into reality, inspires you each day, and helps develop courage as your new way of life.

What is the “human doing” trap, and how will this Planning System help me avoid it?

The “human doing” trap is to mistake busyness for progress toward your lifetime and long-term goals. The Courageous Life Planning System will help replace mere activity with productivity in ways that other planners and “organizers” aren’t designed. This Planning System is unique because it helps you map out your life, then plan each year and stay focused and motivated every day.

Why are there 3 journals in this Planning System?

There are three journals because they help you plan your life, your year, and every day. The Legacy Blueprint, Yearly Planner, and Daily Success Journal, work together to help you move forward like never before. Other planners or organizers typically focus on one year, at most.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, let us know and we’ll either make things right or give you a 100% refund.

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